The ‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Recorded Course is a combination of recorded live webinars, recorded webinars, Skype coaching calls, Q&A webinars, weekly assignments, videos and Bonuses!

This course will provide you the foundation for your online business: WordPress Blog, Compelling Offer, Autoresponder Set Up, Landing Page and more.

PLUS, I’ll be there to provide step by step directions during a one hour Personal Coaching.   In addition, I provide resources and support that will shorten your learning curve, cost you less money in the long run and get your business online faster.



The ‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Webinar Course is broken into an 6 Recorded Webinar Classes. Each webinar will be a minimum of 90 minute of training. You will be shown how to implement each step in the process of building a WordPress blog. You will follow along with each recorded Webinar and watch me as I create a new blog over the Course. By following my actions you will have a guide for setting up your own blog.

Bonus webinars, videos and other resources will be available for you. (Value $600.00)

Coach Curt“I never hesitate recommending others to Marsha and her training. I know she trains at a level everyone can follow and get results as I have. Blogging Simplified Live will benefit anyone that takes the course. ”

~ Coach Curt



You also have access to the recorded webinars from other prior Courses in your back office to review as often as you require and at your own pace.

These additional recorded webinars included Classes,Q&A, Blog Critiques and more.  ($100.00)

Richard“Blogging Simplified Live could not have made it easier for me to get my blog set up and functional. Marsha was with me the entire way to keep me moving forward!”

~ Richard



You will be given assignments at the end of each Webinar Class.  You can work the assignments at your own pace.

There will be materials, checklists, PDFs, videos, resources and more in your back office that will assist you in moving through the assignments. (Value $100.00)


Carol “Blogging Simplified Live provided step by step directions along with assignments to keep me on track! I was not alone as I moved through the course! I’d recommend this course and Marsha to anyone looking to get results! .”

~ Carol



This course comes with a one hour Skype personalized coaching session. Submit questions along with blog url, username and password. Then set up a appointment. We’ll connect on skype for either two 30 minutes coaching sessions or one 60 minute coaching session within 30 days of purchasing the course.

GenBook will be available for you to set up appointments. (Value $125.00)


Leslie“I can vouch for Marsha Godwin’s WONDERFUL advice and training! She keeps things very simple which is a literal God-send for techno-toddlers like me.”

~ Leslie



I will hold Q&A Webinars periodically during the Course. Links to register for the Q&A Webinar will be located in your back office and on the Facebook Page. . Sometimes you can learn from the questions that others ask in addition to getting answers to your own questions.

You’ll just submit your questions in advance and they’ll be answered on the webinar. (Value $100.00)

Randi“Marsha Godwin is the go-to person on websites and blogs. You should sign up for her email list or buy her product.”

~ Randi



Blogging Simplified Live Bonuses

The following Bonuses will be offered to those that sign up for the  ‘Blogging Simplified LiveWebinar Course.

Tools and ResourcesTOOLS & RESOURCES

Materials,checklists, pdfs and other resources provided before, during and after each weekly webinar. ($100)


Prior to Class One there is a recorded webinar to assist you in in planning how to get your online business started. ($50)


You’ll get to choose an iThemes Builder Theme with 3 plugins and Layout Formatted ($80)


Training with checklist and resources that will cover how you can easily create your Compelling Offer. ($50)


2 videos on free and paid keyword research showing various ways to do research. ($100)



Additional training on how to set up and use Aweber and then link it to your blog. ($50)



Access to a community of like-minded people. This is a place to ask questions and get support. ($50)



Additional training showing you how to set up your Landing and/or Squeeze Page . ($50)

Blogging With WordPressWORDPRESS eBOOK

‘Get Started Blogging With WordPress’ eBook by Marsha Godwin is a 38 page step by step guide to assist you in getting started with WordPress. This eBook takes you from WordPress installation to basic blog set up and compliments the ‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Course. ($19.95)


If you need or want additional coaching above and beyond the Live Webinars, Recorded Webinars, Weekly Assignments, Skype One Hour Coaching, Q&A Webinars and additional bonuses, I will offer a reduced hourly rate for the duration of the 6 week ‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Course.

BONUSES: Over $500.00 in Value included at no additional cost to YOU!

‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Webinar Course

Next Course Starts: NOW

Classes – Training

  • 6 Recorded Webinar Classes
  • Recorded ‘Introduction & Planning’ Webinar
  • 2 Q&A Recorded Webinars
  • 2 Blog Critique Recorded Webinars
  • Recorded ‘Moving Forward’ Webinar

Additional Training

  • Creating Your Compelling Offer
  • Autoresponders – Aweber
  • Creating Thank You, Sales & Squeeze Pages
  • Market And Keyword Research Videos
  • Access To Group 1,2 and 3 Recorded Training

Resources and Tool Box

  • Tools and Resource: My Personal Rolodex
  • eBook: Get Started Blogging With WordPress
  • Your Checklist of Accomplishments For Each Class
  • Handout, PDFs and Checklists

Personal Coaching

  • Coaching: 1 Hour One on One Coaching (value $125)
  • Additional Coaching At Discounted Rate

Premium Theme

  • Premium Theme with iThemes (value $80)

Facebook Blogging Simplified Page

  •  A Page For Our Members To Ask Questions and Get Support

Special Live Webinars

  •  Live Webinars Q&A, Blogging Critiques, Product Reviews and Additional Training


All the Webinar Classes are recorded and in your back office!

‘Blogging Simplified Live’ Webinar Course Guarantee

Your 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love the live webinars, materials, bonuses, coaching and assignments that I’m giving you a full fourteen days to try out the program. That will allow you to take 2 live webinar sessions. If, during that 14 day time period you feel the Blogging Simplified Live Course is not worth every penny and more I will give you a full refund with no questions asked.

‘Blogging Simplified Live’ – Sign Me Up For The Course

This is a step by step course that you can follow and get results!

Course valued at $1025.00.

Bonuses valued at over $500.00

This Recorded Webinar Course provides you the foundation for your online business: WordPress Blog, Compelling Offer, Autoresponder Set Up, Landing Page and more. PLUS, I’ll be there to support and guide you.




$ 197.00


  • Cinda Weisgerber – I am thrilled to be a member of the first group to participate in Blogging Simplified Live. I’ve been trying to develop a presence online with a blog for more than two years. After working with Marsha for just two weeks, I now understand the blueprint of blogging and I have the tools to move forward. She’s like a general contractor who has recruited the best sub-contractors to work with her to build not just a beautiful house but one built on a solid foundation.
  • Penny Mueller – YOU ARE AWESOME, and I am LOVING the Blogging Simplified Live Course!  You’ve really helped me move my blog and my business forward by taking blogging, simplifying it, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand way.  You and Blogging Simplified Live took all of the mystery out of it, broke it down into manageable pieces, and got me confident enough to publish my blog and start driving traffic to my site.  Thanks again!
  • Myron Haluschak – You’re an amazing person to learn from… you’ve done a super job. It’s great to see a REAL living example of a working earning marketing strategy and I can see how intertwined and connected things are. That’s why I’m here.
  • Nina Little – Coaching call with Marsha was filled with excellent tips to implement on my blog.  Marsha, Thank You for the time and the advice you gave.  It was very, very helpful.    “Marsha is very knowledgeable about WordPress. I got a lot of instructions on how to setup my blog from choosing whom to purchase my web site address down to formatting the pages and style sheets. I would highly recommend her detailed step by steps instructions to those who are looking to create their own blog and internet presence.
  • Billie Carrington & Sandra Dye – You lay your course out in a way that makes learning simple. You teach in a way that makes you exceptional, understanding that we need to hear things three times.  Even more importantly, you provide experiential learning.  It is in the actual doing of things, the application of what you teach that takes us from information to true learning.  You are an exceptional teacher, coach and mentor.  We would encourage anyone thinking about setting up a blog to take your course.  They will learn so much and accomplish so much by moving step by step along the pathway you lay.  We love being a part of this invaluable course and the checklist of all we have accomplished at the half way mark.



Marsha Godwin


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